Our goal is to raise the level of non-medical home care

What makes us different

Extensive Care-Partner Education

Staff are trained  by a certified Dementia Trainer


We provide, in addition to state mandated training, eight additional hours of hands-on Dementia training from a Certified, Independent Instructor on the “Positive Approach to Care” by Teepa Snow, a nationally recognized instructor on aging.  

Dementia Training

Nutrition/Local Chef Inspired Training

Caregivers are taught by Chefs to use locally grown food in cooking classes


We provide six, two-hour food preparation sessions for our care-partners using local chefs, their recipes and locally grown food.

Our Chef's

Meaningful & Engaging Activities

Caregivers ar focus on what the client's love to do


We provide a monthly list with local activities to our care-partners based on our client’s interest and capabilities.
Focusing on what our client loved to do in the past.

Home Solutions When Needed

Aging at Home Solution works with all contractors to keep your home maintain

We provide management services to help keep our clients in their homes by working with current contractors or locating new ones to properly maintain a safe-living environment. 

We Got This!

Committed to changing the Industry by raising the wages of our care-partners!

We pay our care partners top wages $14.00 an hour

  Our goal is to raise the level of non-medical home health care in our area by providing additional, customized training, higher wages for our care-partners.